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The move is made!
Hello friends! We've completely moved over to 229 Main Street in Hackettstown. We're moving to 229 Main Street right in Hackettstown. (Right across from Hometown Hardware).

We've got new events posted!

"What in the World" is a fair trade hand-crafts store located in Hackettstown, NJ. The owners, Al and Vicki Kopacka are professional musicians and now here to serve your fair trade needs.

Our Vision
It is important to us that we know where our products come from, and that we sell items that directly benefit the individuals and communities that create them. We have many American made handcrafts from area artisans that include: soap, hand creams, candles, copper and iron products, purses, jewelry, pottery, wood crafts... and much more. We continuously search for new products from skilled craftsman and artists to add to our shop.

Our other products are currently being purchased from Ten Thousand Villages, a Greater Gift, Marketplace, and other Fair Trade vendors, which are all non-profit fair-trade importers. By not being focused on massive profits like many importers and retailers, these organizations ensure that the individuals who produce these products are fairly compensated. In many instances these communities are helped with infrastructure, marketing, health and child care, and other important services which are not readily available.

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